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Method of Contact

The helpdesk acts as a central point of contact for all support issues. These include issues related to system configuration, consultation, installation and troubleshooting. Support requests may be submitted via email or by phone. Please note that due to staffing limitations phone support may not be immediately available at all times and waiting in a queue is normal.



Phone: (800) 480-6467

  • Website Support -Option 2.
  • Web-Based/MIMS Support -Option 3


Hours of Operation

Regular business hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (EST) Monday through Friday. Exceptions may be made for closures due to holidays, administration, or inclement weather. During closures and non-business hours Help Desk calls will be routed to the on-call technician.


Customer Responsibility

Before contacting the Help Desk for service interruptions please verify power to your network equipment and Internet services at your location. If you are experiencing a loss of power or internet services please contact your network administrator, power provider, or Internet service provider.


When contacting the Help Desk please have your complete contact information (first and last name, company name, phone number, and website URL), and a clear, specific description of the problem or request including any error messages you have received.


Help Desk Responsibility

We will use call tracking software, call logs and email transactions, to maintain records of incoming requests as they are received, When receiving a request by telephone the Help Desk team member will attempt to determine the nature of the problem, create a service ticket, and refer the query to the appropriate Support Specialist or staff member. All requests will be handled according to the Priorities and Response Times statement below; all requests will receive an initial response the same business day the request was received.


Priorities and Response Times

The Help Desk will use the following guidelines in handling requests and will make reasonable attempts to respond and resolve all requests within the time frame allotted. Actual response and resolution times may vary depending on the volume of requests at any given time. If a request cannot be handled within the allotted timeframe the customer will be notified and provided with an estimated time for completion.



Resolution Time

Definition of Business Impact

Severity 1

1-2 Business Days

Impacts production environments only. The application is mission critical and the situation is an emergency for the customer. The loss of service must be complete.

Severity 2

2-3 Business Days

Impacts the production environment or initial deployment in which the application is mission critical to the business.

Severity 3

3-5 Business Days

Impacts non-mission critical applications, the development environment, or a secondary, non-mission critical production environment.

Severity 4

5-7 Business Days

The problem is an inconvenience that results in a minor loss of service, if any, and requires a minor workaround to restore functionality.


Issues will be responded to and may be resolved in a future release.

After Hours (weekdays from 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 a.m. and weekends)

Acknowledgement in 1 Hour and follow ticket classification time frames**



We are a small team here at FuneralTech, and we try to be honest with ourselves about what we can and can't deliver. We are cautious to reveal any "maybes" to our users, but our internal process allows us to comfortably communicate if a feature is truly "on the way." We use our own backlog management tools to keep ourselves honest with these responses. We hardly ever offer exact date estimates, but we can often relay relative time frames to our users.

Involve functional enhancements made to a properly working application to accommodate new or changed user requirements. Examples include increasing an application’s performance, enhancing a user interface, or optimizing code.


*Due to the wide diversity of problems that can occur, and the methods needed to resolve them, resolution times may vary. These are used as a general guideline.