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The JSON pull api allows an external site pull data for a record from our system.  This API transfers data in JSON format and uses a simple token to grant access.

CMS Domain

The FuneralTech servers have what is called a development domain.  This is a domain that is always available and has SSL enabled using a wildcard certificate.   Our current production servers use as the development domain.  Each client deployed will get a subdomain under this domain, for instance, a client named XYZ Funeral Home may get the development domain assigned to them.

All API calls with the FuneralTech cms should be made through the development domain.  This ensures that SSL can be used and also ensures that a domain change won't cause the API to stop functioning.

The Process

The Pull process will be invoked by the CMS.  The CMS will call the URL of the site that pulls the data with a token.  This token can then be used to pull the data from the following URL.

The token would need to be posted under the variable "token" to that above URL.  The export script will then return a JSON response.  An example of a full JSON response is attached export-example.txt.  NOTE: The only fields that will never be empty are First Name, Last Name, Date of Death, tribute type and tribute theme.

Tribute Themes

Each site has a page that will display all available tribute themes.  This page also has a developer mode which will display the IDs of the Tribute theme.  Just go to the following URL.

For the purpose of this document, we have used, but you could use the development domain of the client for this if you wish.  The tributePackId variable is where you would put the tributeTypeId that is in the JSON response you get back from our api.

This page is meant to give our integration partners a place to view the themes and utilize the preview images.